Monday, October 24, 2011

feelin groovy

Good morning girls and boys,

I had an amazing week of fitness and health. Finally back on track...and I must say that I'm impressed with this Cassey at because she seriously knows her stuff! In just one week of doing 30 minutes a day of her workouts and eating well I made more progress than when I was doing a cardio and pilates combined 1 hour a day regime. Clothing that was tight on Monday were actually loose on Friday! Loose folks! That's only five days...and no, there was no fasting involved.  Here are the two workouts I've been doing:

The 20/20

and here's  a link to the easy printout version of the 20/20 workout: 20/20 printout.

The Muffin Top Meltdown

...and if you're interested in seeing a sample of my healthy eating then go to this link. Let me know if you decide to try's been amazing for me. Oh, and my back pain that I've had since forever is not only gone, but muscles have started to take it's place. How cool is that?

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