Friday, April 13, 2012

God's sketchbook

Everywhere I go I bring a small, hardcover sketchbook full of ideas that occur to me. There are cutouts of inspiring images, scribbles, sayings, thoughts, dialogues between God and I that I don't want to forget, and lots and lots of quick little drawings. Most of these sketches are ideas of items to make for my shop and some just for me or my house.

While sitting here today scrawling in my book I had a few great little ideas that I really took delight in. It is so satisfying when you can put down on paper an image of something that you can't wait to make that really reflects who you are as a person, what is unique about you, what is important to you, and makes you smile too. It's like looking down and going, "Yes, finally nailed it...that is me...I am not ashamed to make that and put it out there with my name on it."

It was during one of these moments that it occurred to me that perhaps, God has a sketchbook. It made me feel impressively special and loved to think that he was scrawling and perfecting me in his book before he formed me in my mother's womb, and coming to a perfect conclusion where he decided, "Yes, that's it...that is a really good reflection on me, and my personality...I will not be ashamed to put that out there with my name on it." What an amazing thought. Even more amazing is this: He puts that same delight and work into planning each one of us, and before creating us, I believe he says those very words about every human being- "There, got it...that is something I'm proud to stamp my name to. This really shows my good work." Then he begins the creating.