Saturday, October 15, 2011

getting back what was gained

Since July things around here have been busy. From our vacation in Maine to a church conference, then our anniversary celebration and some welcome home and going away parties in August, to September with visits from family and many, many birthday parties (all 3 of my kids birthday's are about a week apart)...well, as you can see, there's been lots of cake, ice cream, and general revelry. I realized a few weeks ago that my well-balanced and happily maintained body had taken a bit of a hit...8 to 10 pounds extra kinda hit. I'll admit I was surprised because any of you who know me get that I eat super healthy and exercise 5 days a week...but apparently that isn't enough to account for all the extra sugar in my bloodstream...not to mention that my days have gotten so busy that I realized my diet has lost a bit of it's balance. When all was said and done and I finally had time to think about it I realized that I feel more out of control than in balance. Now, I absolutely don't believe in diets, but I do believe in getting back on track so here I go. I have mapped out my plan (basically returning to my regularly scheduled eating life) and I thought, well, why keep it to if any of you are interested then please join me. Here's how my life used to look- a sample menu:

  • 36 oz. of water in the morning before breakfast

  • 1 egg for breakfast cooked any way, but with no cheese or anything on it/ a slice of toast with minimal butter and minimal whatever else on top

  • A handful of peanuts and raisins for a quick snack mid morning

  • 36 oz. of water before lunch

  • Green salad with a combination of other veggies on top, and the occasional croutons or crushed tortilla chips and one Tablespoon of dressing of choice- usually a vinegarette of some kind. An apple or other fruit if I'm still hungry after the salad.
  • One block of dark chocolate for a pick me up.

  • A few cups of lightly buttered popcorn or a cup of yogurt with a little granola on top for a snack.

  • 36 oz. of water before supper

  • A handful of nuts and raisins while I cook supper

  • Any kind of main course that is clean and healthy food- usually vegetable based...nothing processed or fake...but only one serving. One or two servings of veggies on the side. 

  • A cup of decaf with a Tablespoon of naughty sweetened creamer for a treat later. 

So that's the general idea. Mostly fruits and veggies. One serving of anything is enough...if you're still hungry grab one serving of something else from another food group. It's a good way to keep my diet balanced, and making sure I drink my water before meals ensures I get enough, and ensures that I'm eating because I'm hungry and not thirsty (a common problem for most folks that can lead to overeating). For the first week I'm eliminating all desserts, then after that I will be able to enjoy them as they are meant to be enjoyed...savoring every bite...right now I'm too unbalanced and find myself eating too fast. 

I will also spend this week getting back to what I was used to doing...sitting down for every meal and enjoying every bite. I like to make beautiful foods and enjoy them and when I do this it stops being about only filling my stomach, but nourishing all of my senses. I'm an artist, what can I say...I love beauty and savoring good things. I've heard that one of the reasons people overeat is because they don't pay attention when they are eating. They are usually doing something else while eating (reading, computer, work, tv) and just shoving in. I find this true for me. Slowing down and enjoying every bite I eat makes me feel rested, relaxed, and pampered. When I eat like this I don't feel the need to eat alot because I'm not using the food to fill in for the lack of time I'm spending on myself. It becomes what it is meant to be: nourishing in more ways than one. 

In the book "French Women Don't Get Fat" the author, Mirielle Guiliano, says that French women are never starving, and never stuffed. I love that feeling, but in this day and age, in this country it's something you have to teach yourself. It isn't a value that is passed down.

So come along with me and let's enjoy this week together of getting back on track. Oh! I almost forgot. I found this great little blog today through my sis in law called Blogilates. I love me my Pilates and I switch off between cardio and pilates during the week, so to have a little fun and try some new moves I'm going to be doing the 20/20 workout on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week, and the Muffin Top Meltdown Tuesday and Thursday. This girl who does these workouts is in beautiful shape and is absolutely cute as a button to watch so if you're interested in trying them out with me, then come along, and leave me some comments along the way to let me know how you're enjoying it all. Until Monday!

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