Saturday, November 20, 2010

sweet little things

Recently my sister-in-law came back from a trip to Egypt where she will be starting a whole new life soon. On the return trip, during her layover in Paris she saw some macarons (or bon-bons, as I like to call them) in a shop window, and brought them home to me. This was such an dear treat to me considering I've always wanted to try the decadent morsels that are featured in my blog banner, but never have. Almost the moment she walked in the door of our home she whipped out this gorgeous little gift bag and began to tell me how detailed the ritual of packaging these pretty little cookies were. Sure enough, as I opened the stately wrapping, there they were- sitting in their perfectly folded parchment, the tiny scroll of paper that tells about "l' histoire" of the patisserie Laduree perched on top, all royally housed in a small, exquisite box with a kingly seal on the cover. I was stricken. I was smitten....infatuated even, and  I felt like a queen.

So I did a photo shoot- I couldn't resist:

I don't know what was sweeter to me- the bon-bons brought straight from Paris to my hands, or the thought that in the spin of mental, emotional, and physical activity that comes with uprooting and rearranging her entire life my darling friend and sister had me, of all things, on her mind.

Actually I do.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Viewer's, I'd like to introduce you to Nadinoo. (wipe that drool away, please)

If you're like me and you're trying to kick the tee-shirt habit then do what you're told and glean a little inspiration from this lovely lineup. The designer is Nadia Izruna, and she has a passion for "bringing back the art of beautifully hand-crafted clothing." She designs for three fictional characters, each with a distinct personality- Pixie, Lula, and Fleur. "Pixie is quirky, playful, and spontaneous, Lula is more bold, sexy and a little cheeky, whereas Fleur is a delicate flower and a dreamer." Nadia's designs are as well-crafted as they are enchanting, and even better...they are all handmade. I stumbled onto her Etsy page late one night and fell flat on my copious-tee-shirt-situation.

What's wrong with a big chunk of femininity coupled with expert tailoring, an impeccable vintage taste, and sumptous fabrics? Freakin' nothing...that's what. Go ahead, free yourself from frump, and get an eyefull of this...

Had enough?
 Didn't think's a bigger

 I'm off to buy some green ankle socks.

Friday, November 12, 2010

in hiding


When the world gets cold in early November and has wearied your tired bones to the core, well,  you need a little pampering. You need a little respite. You need a little toasty warmth. Well, when it comes right down to it there ain't nothin' wrong with stickin' your hand way down into the depths of your kids halloween candy sack and stealin' with a few duds, gettin' a cup o' mud and hidin' out in the safety of a big, fat tub full of bubbles. Nothin' wrong with that at all.