Tuesday, May 31, 2011

rosa's things

My husband has two living grandmothers and they both have this wonderful and adorable habit of sending their hand-me-downs to the different members of the family that they believe could use them. I always have a pleasant time weeding through the boxes, like a pirate digging for booty. So much of the things that come from them are unabashedly feminine, dainty, proper, and sometimes, dare I say it, precious! They are items from a time past where women were defined by their femininity. It's nice to return to that era for a moment or two...and enjoy every little button, the piping, the ruffles, the tiny flowers...without apology.

After rifling through the things they send I keep the treasures that suit me best, post some good vintage finds on Etsy, and pass on the others to goodwill or other parts of the family. Recently a rather large shipment came to my home from Rosa's house, or Meme Ro, as we call her. Here are some of my most recent handed-down treasures from the latest shipment:
A great belt...elasticized so you can wear it here...

...or here.
A gorgeously designed set of little cards that teach you how to wear a scarf in many different ways.

When something is designed with so much care it makes you feel special just to hold it.
Little leather gloves with piping and buttons...

...still wrapped in their proper red box. 

Have you snagged any eye-catching castoffs lately?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

where i've been

How can it have been sooo long! I really have missed the sound of typing quietly in this secluded space. It's been a full month and since the last post I have started doing a lot of new things! I have started buying and eating local/organic,

So much nicer  (and cheaper) than the supermarket!

  I have created and actually found time to use my very own art studio in my home,

I have begun baking profusely as a result of our new eating habits,


Yes, these are my hands, and my homemade granola bars

...my very own peanut butter cookies, too.

I have planted my gardens and watched them not die,

and I have repainted my kitchen a hot new color...though I'm not so finished with that yet.

Now for the finishing touches.

What new things have you been doing since spring sprung?

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