About Me

Hello world. My name is Heather. I am a  homeschooling mom of three totally amazing kids- a boy, a girl, and a boy. I run a keen home, do a good lot of ministry in and around my church and the neighborhood. I am married to this super guy, Chad, who loves me and loves helping me and watching me enjoy all the things I am passionate about- sewing, home decor, cooking, eating, knitting, crocheting, thrifting, recycling....the list goes on. I am an artist, and a creator- just like my Father God who is present, gives me all my freedom, and is infusing all that I do.

I started this blog because I could no longer contain all of the ideas and photos and inspirations in my little brain, so I decided I needed to share them with the world! I am pretty new at all of the technical aspects of editing and designing pages and the like so if you have any good advice I am happy to hear it. I am hoping to start a page someday that shows some of the things going on in my Etsy shop: kittymclewin.

I am really enjoying the blogging community as a whole and am eager to get to know all of you who frequent my page. I hope you enjoy what you see and read!