Friday, October 7, 2011

Anduin's party

 Here is a photo essay of my daughter,Anduin's, 7th birthday party...a mermaid theme:

Putting on my game face...can you tell I'm concerned?

Testing out the cardboard cutout for silly pictures: yup, it fits...and looks hot!

Pinata Time

Pin the Tail on the Mermaid

Oh, yeah, did I mention I did face painting too?

Craft time: a sparkly mermaid collar necklace.

Yes, I forgot to use the mermaid cutout for the little girls...

....luckily the dudes were game.

Cake time!


When it was all over the house looked like a glitter wasteland, kids were spinning around in circles from the overdose of pinata candy upon cake and ice cream, and the adults were crumpled in the kitchen recovering....but it was a great party. And I even had the energy to wake up the next morning and construct a mermaid pancake for Anduin to top it all off. Ahhh. Love you girl. 

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