Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Heart/ Politics

I have spent way too much of today thinking about my own politics...and guess what....the bible says " work out your salvation with fear and trembling" not "work out your own politics with fear and trembling"...the bottom line in my head today is this...our politics are not going to be the salvation of ourselves or any other person (chances are). People eagerly awaited the coming of Jesus to be the fix to the political problems of the day, and yet when he came he fixed the soul and left the government and politics pretty much the same...and was crucified for it. I fear very much that those who cast their vote in the Christian arena consider the task of voting as a big part of what it is to "being the church". If it is a part, it seems a small one.  I have not even decided if I will vote or not and already am seeing people ready to crucify me if I don't...I consider it a good way to die socially if I am so led.

These are just the musings of a mind that is seeking truth...I'm okay to be wrong, or fail...but I'm not okay to pretend to understand it. I await more revelation. God bless all of you wherever you are in your heart and in your head.