Thursday, October 20, 2011

baby e- course

The lovely ladies at A Beautiful Mess have done it again. They have created an e-course that should entice all of my expectant mother readers (heck, I'm enticed just because it's an affordable way to learn something new...and everything in it is soooo adorable). It is the "Baby on the Way" e-course. This course teaches how to make a plethora of ridiculously cute baby items and it is only $32.00 for the course. It is a great way to use that 9 months of waiting and waiting, whether you are the mother, grandmother, or just a doting friend dying to hold the bundle of joy. Check out these great creations you could begin making right now!

Oh so great...oh, and these ladies offer other e-courses as well. Some to make you a better blogger, others to teach you how to make your own fashionable clothing and accessories. If your interested in seeing the full list of other courses that they have to offer, well, then just follow this link to your hot new-found hobby.

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