Friday, July 29, 2011

it was a long hard trip from Maine to Jersey

Heard on the long, hard, drive from Maine to Jersey...

He only breaks out the word "implore" when he's really serious.

no more rack

Hey everyone...I just (literally five seconds ago) found out about this website that gives you great daily deals for a handful of great hand picked goodies. It's kind of like Groupon, but for retail. It's called No More Rack. I found out about it through a friend's blog called Thrifty Mom Spot. I found this gorgeous little handbag for ten bucks! I almost got one similar to it a little while back for four times more! And the best part is that when you sign up they give you a credit of $10 and each time the friends you refer sign up (when they use your unique referral code) you get another 10 bucks...and of course they get 10 just for signing up, like you did. It's rockin' click the link and start enjoying. Registering is free!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

july 28th, ten years later

Ten years ago today I was married to a man named Chad. He took me to the clouds with butterflies and fairy wings, and also planted my feet on firm ground. He held me in his arms, and flung me out into the world as well. He promised to be bonded to me for a lifetime, and somehow managed to set me free me with that bond. "This is my lover, this is my friend"- Song of Solomon 5:16

Our first kiss

okay, okay, so it was a little long!
In our minds it is whether or not you smash cake into your spouse's face at your wedding that will determine whether or not you will enjoy a happy marriage....

We made sure our marriage would be quite happy. :)

Instant replay- now that's love.

suppertime and the living is easy

Everyone knows that you eat more on vacation, right? Well, we did, and enjoyed every bite- even though the calories didn't take a vacation. We went to our favorite microbrewery The Liberal Cup. If you are ever in Hallowell, Maine be sure to go there too. The beer is superb and the food is made to pair with's a menu full of hearty, rough, manly, and ridicuouly delicious creations for your privileged stomach! Chad and I love it because the atmosphere, the regulars, the servers, the food and the beer are the closest we've been able to find to the wonderful pubs of Ireland that we enjoyed while we were abroad.

My husband ordered something amazing while we supped was called Haddock Napoleon- beer-battered haddock on a big bed of garlic smashed potatoes topped with apple smoked bacon, spinach, and Morney cheese sauce. I wouldn't have thought of this one myself and what a flavor experience! So good, and so good with the beer!

...and then, of course, we had to drive out to get some homemade ice cream from a little Mom and Pop ice cream shop my Dad knew of. I couldn't tell you how to get there if I tried, but it was delish!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

a monument to the past

When visiting your hometown after having been away for years at a time you can't help notice how much has changed- how little is left of what your memories are made of. But in the 32 years of my life it is comforting to note that one thing has never changed, and still to this day remains exactly the grandmother's wall. I don't think anything has moved even an inch since the day I was born.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

a hot bath and a little rain...

What's better on a gray vacation day in a beautiful cottage on a Maine lake than a hot bath in a big ol' clawfoot tub?

...being surprised with a rainbow over the lake!

...make that a double rainbow! (omg, it's so bright and vivid!)

What does it mean?!!?  :)

freak antique

While on vacation I stopped by the local antique seller. Have you ever noticed the way many antiques dealers tend  to have a flair for creating beautiful displays out of chaos? I loved how this one merchant mixed textures, colors, shapes, and even scents (all those flowers planted in amongst the pieces!).

I really liked these old signs.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

scratch and dent dreams

A friend of mine who used to live with us showed me this, and it is totally thrilling, if I do say so myself. Check it out if you have a heartbeat.

cold lake, warm memories

Do's and Don't for a perfectly lovely Maine lake vacation:

Do let your kid swim in an overexpanded diaper when you run out of "Lil Swimmers".
Don't forget the colorful inflatable ring...

or the full body life vest.

Do hang with the natives.

Don't upset them.

Do leisurely practice braiding fishtails into your girlfriends hair...they are so pretty.

Don't forget to eat freshly grilled meat.
Do chillax.

Do go fishing.

Don't let the dog have all the fun.

Do sport your vintage designer scarves with your swimwear.

Don't deny yourself the sweet stuff.

Do enjoy the wildlife.

Don't look back.

Friday, July 22, 2011


chocolate marshmallow?!?!...oh mmmm.
After a full day of celebrating our small town 4th...face painting, swimming, shopping, ice cream, parades, strawberry shortcake at the local Methodist church, food, food, and more was time to go back to the cottage...and start the fire. My mom...a well know sugar freak...bought every kind of candy bar known to man, and every kind of marshmallow too for our smores. I had no idea there were so many kinds of marshmallows, giant ones, star shaped red white and blue ones, chocolate ones, coconut ones... to name a few. Some sat by the fire, and some were inside, half awake...

or half asleep.

and then when the dark crept in we broke out the magic. Morning Glory Sparklers. My kids have never had sparklers...I don't know how they were overlooked for so long, but they marveled at the beauty of color after color of shooting fire as they danced around in front of the lake, deep blue in the moonlight. The photos read like wild Pollock's lost renditions of Van Gogh's "Starry Night".

Anduin's grand finale.