Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Moving forward and some Pictures from the past

Hello lovely readers,
It's been a busy week trying to get my head around the new homeschooling year and doing my daily what-not's as well. I hope you are all enjoying the precious moments that are left before we all dig into our school year. I'm thankful that I get to experience most of it with my kids...but it's always so bittersweet to bring Vander to his special-ed preschool at first...even though he loves it and I know they are really good at what they do with him.  I'm definitely trying to snuggle in between chores.

I was fumbling through some files on my computer and found a few shots from this summer. These are taken at the Women's Club of Norfolk where we had my sister-in-law's wedding reception. We had been there a few times before this, but I remember I was excited because even though she had chosen this venue, she had only seen the pictures we had sent her of it. I remember feeling giddy to watch her enjoy it for the first time up close.

Have a great day!

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