Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Okay, it's official. Adding potty training to this SAHM's  already stacked life has taken it's toll. Yes, Vander did amazing the first two days...then comes the potty confusion. Of course, he's still wearing a diaper to bed, and when it comes off, well, now the fun begins. If he's distracted he forgets that he's not wearing one and there's an accident. We started trying underwear and he feels it against his skin and assumes it's a diaper...and there's an accident. I feel like I'm chasing him around all day with the potty to make sure it's near in case he starts to go! Well, right now, if you can picture me, I am hiding in a corner of the living room and have sent the children outside into the oppressive heat to enjoy a romp in the sprinkler. It is necessary. I'm sitting here screwing my brain back in the right way, and enjoying your presence. Have you ever been here, my dear readers? Let me know!

See how much fun they're having?! Outside is good for EVerYboDy!

This is me...hiding.

oh no.

Do I have to let them in already?

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