Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I recently purchased an amazing piece of art from the Etsy shop called bmused ...a belt buckle for my husband's Father Day Gift. When I saw it online I thought how great it looked and how it was very "him"- not too flashy, the image looked old and distressed (he loves anything that looks like time loved it a little too much), and even better- it was a copy of Plato's Republic (he was a philosophy minor in college). So I grabbed the buckle and, go figure, he wears it all the time! The metal buckle is very sturdy and the image itself is too- it's done with a special process where the picture is transferred directly onto leather.
For those of you who do not already have a leather snap belt measuring 1"- 1.75" then worry not. This shop and other Etsy sellers offer them for nice prices. I got Chad's black leather snap belt from AngelGrace and was impressed with the quality I got for the price. Oh and be sure to measure for the correct fit...if there's any question then err on the big side. When I got Chad's it was a bit big so I just used my awl and put another hole in the leather...it was easy and you can't tell the difference.
Aside from the beautiful craftsmanship of the buckles, one of the most impressive things about this shop is the sheer girth of inventory. They literally have something for everyone...what a relief!

For my philosopher husband: an image from Plato's Republic.

For my hip brother who taught me about good music.

For my friend that absolutely cherishes how strange they are.

For my father-in-law, the sailor.

This one's for me!

For my father who always seems to know how to get me out of any situation.

For my vintage-lovin' writer cousin

For the cousin I used to play "Little Mermaid" with.

For the know-it-all in my life.

Something feminine for my mom.

or for a few bucks more get whatever you want custom made!

If you love what you see then I suggest you get over to the shop now...everything is marked down to $20 for a limited time!

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