Tuesday, August 14, 2012

right now

This is what I'm busy doing right now. Taking a break. 

Today my kids and I did an archaeological dig in our sandbox. They were really incredibly good at it. We used string to mark out sections and they carefully dug, sifted, and brushed all of the items I had buried. Then we talked about each one and what questions they would each answer for a person who wanted to know more about our culture and society in the future. There are few things more satisfying to a homeschooling mom than her kids answering her questions with far more insight and thought than she expected! 

This year we're doing a lot. Last year was a homey kind of year. No one loved it but we got through. This year my inspiration is overflowing so we're out to see the world, and to let it see us too. It's gonna be a good homeschool year. 

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