Saturday, May 21, 2011

where i've been

How can it have been sooo long! I really have missed the sound of typing quietly in this secluded space. It's been a full month and since the last post I have started doing a lot of new things! I have started buying and eating local/organic,

So much nicer  (and cheaper) than the supermarket!

  I have created and actually found time to use my very own art studio in my home,

I have begun baking profusely as a result of our new eating habits,


Yes, these are my hands, and my homemade granola bars very own peanut butter cookies, too.

I have planted my gardens and watched them not die,

and I have repainted my kitchen a hot new color...though I'm not so finished with that yet.

Now for the finishing touches.

What new things have you been doing since spring sprung?

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