Tuesday, April 19, 2011

dark things

Some people have a taste for light, airborne things, but I have come to realize that I am a dark pleasures girl. Don't believe me? Just ask my friends...they'll tell you that I will throw out a perfectly good (in thier eyes) cup of coffee because I can see through the liquid as I pour it...yes, I not only want to taste that coffee bean, but also the richness burnt into it. Lighting in my home is always turned way down for ambiance. I love me my dark wash jeans, and even my blog page needs a nightlight. Some other dark things that I have found a devotion for are:

Deep red wine

Dark chocolate

Dark hair...I always love blondes better when they become brunettes! Yes, even SJP.

Dark beer

Burnt popcorn

Black paint...it makes any room look a bit more modern. And if it's chalkboard paint, well, extra points!

Dark nails...I am loving navy blue a good bit. (but only on short nails, Elvira!)

Deep, dark, smudgy, smokey eyes...Lara Stone wears them well.

So tell me, dear viewers, which are you- a person of dark pleasures, or a lover of all things light?

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  1. Definitely dark. Weather it is the deep, rich hues on my walls that soothe my soul, my favorite black dress that is classic and so Hepburn, the Green&Black that lies nestled in the top drawer of my dresser, or the burnt orange linens that enrobe me at night, I love the richness that each affords.