Wednesday, December 22, 2010

gingerbread homestead.

We have a tradition in our home, and my kids won't let me forget it...every year at their request we make gingerbread houses out of graham crackers...this is much simpler and cheaper than gingerbread. I also take a shortcut by buying a jar of cream cheese frosting, and also some fudge frosting from the store. I divide them up, stir some food coloring into the cream cheese frosting, and scoop the different frostings into Ziploc bags. Then I cut a small corner of the bottom of the bag to create an easy and cheap way to pipe the frosting onto the sugary structures. Then I let the kids at 'em.

Here for your viewing pleasure are our 2010 creations:

My Ode to Tiffany's

Chad's Star War's X-Wing

Allie's Whimsical Cuckoo Clock

Anduin's Monkey House

...complete with monkey...that you could only see once she ate the door off.

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