Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I am declaring an Alice day. On this day we will  we will paint all of our metaphorical roses red. We will eat those cakes that beg us to eat them and they will make us taller, and more statuesque. We will drink our drinks and they will make us smaller (in all the right places). We will find the key to all locked doors. We will swim in a lake of our own tears and come out refreshed. We will play games with no rules and we will not lose our heads. We will make friends with the mad people (since they are all a little mad anyway) and come comfortably to terms with our own identity crisis over tea. We will walk in a world that is not quite right, topsy turvy, upside down, fall down holes, grow up and down, be loved and hated, be dismissed and welcomed, fight, run, stand strong and survive. We will hold hands with vertigo. And when we wake up again and the day is over, perhaps, for no rational reason, we will wish we were back there again.

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