Saturday, May 29, 2010

the date: dinner and a movie

Tonight I put on some makeup, wore a strapless top and my favorite Tiffany's necklace, put the kids to bed, and had a fantastic date with myself. I mean it, I didn't know how low maintenance I could be! It was such a fabulous evening. I was enchanting!

I sat down on the couch with an amazing chili I cooked from scratch and some corn chips to dip in it, poured myself some nearly flat Diet Pepsi (tonights version of red wine), draped the softest blanket in the house over my legs, and watched the commentary from "Julie and Julia". I was excellent company, and didn't even talk during the movie. And afterward I served myself a hot oven-toasted marshmallow and graham cracker sandwich in the quiet of the evening....sigh. It must be love.

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