Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sew Little Time

I am a person who wants to be creative, has a studio, and rarely uses it...these days. I am very busy with my kids, which I love, but I have moments of time that I presumably could use for my artwork/crafting. For instance, right now Vander is asleep on the couch and my other two are doing their schoolwork. So why am I not in that studio right now? Why?

 I have an Etsy shop and I'd love to actually have inventory...that sells. Do I feel that I'm not capable...that I can't handle a few interruptions here and there if I dare try to go in the studio during the daytime? Am I afraid of doing well at my shop? Am I afraid that once I get in there it will take too long to finish something or that I won't do well or worse... that I won't like what I make after wasting time making it?

How do people do this?

Are you a crafter/mom type that actually has the time to do artistic endeavors? If so then when do you find the time? What are your secrets to getting your art/craft done, and giving yourself to everything else too. How do you manhandle yourself into getting into the studio for those random moments...or do you just tend to wait til there's a nice chunk of time...and what do you do if that time doesn't come? Let me know your secrets!


  1. Well, gee whiz! I just found you via A Beautiful Mess (I clicked on your name because you mentioned some things in your comment that interested me). Sounds like we have tons in common, and I always like "meeting" folks that are like-minded, even if it is just virtually. For example, I'm a mom to 4, homeschooler, in ministry (currently on the mission field in Bolivia), husband is a worship pastor, I too am an artist/crafter/seamstress, love decorating and thrifting, had a homebirth w/my 3rd. Hmmm, wonder if there are any other similarities? And in answer to your post above, I hardly ever have the time to pursue my artistic endeavors and it's been a constant struggle ever since having kids. However, it is easier now that they are older. I was just rejoicing via facebook the other day about my rather unusual creatively productive day I had on Tuesday!!! Fed my soul. Anyway...un gusto a conocerte :o)

  2. Wow, Shay, that is a lot of interests in common. What is your favorite thing to make/craft?