Thursday, July 21, 2011

the 4th

While Chad and I and our family were on vacation in my little hometown in Maine we were able to catch the small town parade that they put forth each year. If you've never seen a small town July 4th parade, well, shame! It is not to be missed....or taken too seriously...which means it is fabulous! I favor small town celebrations over big, fancy to-do's for so many reasons: nostalgia, friendlier (and smaller) crowds, and lots of good campy fun. I remember when I was growing up my cousins and I would decorate our rusty little bikes and get in line in this very parade(usually lined up in front of the random folks on horses...but sometimes, unfortunately...behind!). We would proudly ride the street and feel like royalty as people cheered for us and waved from their fraying lawn chairs that they would plop in front of their residences to view the commotion. Here for you're viewing pleasure are some of the stars of the parade this year from good old  Maine:

Waiting for the parade to start!

You gotta love the little Oompa Loompa's in their tiny cars!

Sharing a romance moment with some freezy pops that a girl with a wagon was handing out to the crowd.

A local shop who's owner dresses the plastic geese on her lawn in fashions for each season! Ornaments for her lawn ornaments!

You gotta love a random women-of-a-certain-age skipping with an American flag.

I love this "float" for the local church.

throwing candy at the crowd

A float for a local farmstand threw peas in place of candy...great treat! I love fresh peas!

Lots of really old boat motors. Apparently there's a market for such things?

Did I mention that my mom and I do the town face painting. Here's a loon I did on her...a bit faded. Isn't she a pretty thing?

My hubby feeling his patriotism.

tee hee.

Day's Store...a great place to get fresh donuts at 7 a.m.

Fun with my cousin: her blog Here But Not All There is fantastic!
"Mom, I didn't know we had an Uncle Sam."

nom nom nom

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  1. I cannot help but absolutely love the way you wrote this! And the Uncle Sam just cracks me up! Hugs!