Tuesday, January 4, 2011

sick kicks

I have spent the last few days in my pajamas nursing sick children and a sick me back to health. I'm adding my husband to the list today. Honestly, as yucky as it can be to be sick, I actually find it a pleasure in many ways. It puts me in a slow motion mood where sitting on the couch watching videos with the kids, and drinking warm drinks, and taking long naps are as high on the priority list as my usual pressing duties. You can't beat that, man! When me-time becomes mandatory, and kid-snuggle time an absolute need. Hot showers, hot soup, hot chocolate (never overlook the medicinal properties of chocolate at times like these)...these are the things lazy sick days are made of.
Though I am enjoying the downtime of all this sick day sweetness...I will admit that the fashionista in me is growing tired of being in the same pajama uniform each day. I will further admit that I am looking ahead to better health hopefully by the weekend...and I'll tell you why. I've got a pair of hot, new Betsey Johnson's in the closet (hubby, you have the best taste in gifts!) and I'd love to take them out on the town for a spin. Now that's just what the doctor ordered.


  1. Those are soooo cute! Props to Chad for picking them!

  2. thanks! he's really happy that i advertised his good taste. :)