Monday, November 15, 2010


Viewer's, I'd like to introduce you to Nadinoo. (wipe that drool away, please)

If you're like me and you're trying to kick the tee-shirt habit then do what you're told and glean a little inspiration from this lovely lineup. The designer is Nadia Izruna, and she has a passion for "bringing back the art of beautifully hand-crafted clothing." She designs for three fictional characters, each with a distinct personality- Pixie, Lula, and Fleur. "Pixie is quirky, playful, and spontaneous, Lula is more bold, sexy and a little cheeky, whereas Fleur is a delicate flower and a dreamer." Nadia's designs are as well-crafted as they are enchanting, and even better...they are all handmade. I stumbled onto her Etsy page late one night and fell flat on my copious-tee-shirt-situation.

What's wrong with a big chunk of femininity coupled with expert tailoring, an impeccable vintage taste, and sumptous fabrics? Freakin' nothing...that's what. Go ahead, free yourself from frump, and get an eyefull of this...

Had enough?
 Didn't think's a bigger

 I'm off to buy some green ankle socks.

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