Sunday, June 6, 2010

cheat day

   Being inspired by a dear friend, and in an effort to learn something new about my body and my life I have decided to give up sweets for one week...until Saturday...a day that I am coining my "cheat day". So why am I oddly having second thoughts? This should be easy. It's always easy. I am one who finds that a reached goal is sweeter than any quick payoff, right? And yet, it seems I have never felt such temptation ever in my life. This is strange. This is truly strange.

   Here I am, moments into my new tilt and I am suddenly feeling bereft. Maybe it's because I made this decision quite quickly. Maybe it's because I already eat so few sweets during the week as it is. Perhaps I feel that it's overkill to take away the small, meaningful handful of chocolate chips that I sneak in here and there while hiding away in the kitchen under the din of the children rough housing in other quarters. Or maybe it's the unusual presence of a half gallon of Red Velvet and Cream Cheese ice cream sitting coyly next to another half gallon of  Berry Cheesecake ice cream in the freezer right now as I speak (did I mention the cones, and chocolate sprinkles hiding in the cupboard?). Furthermore, the fact that my husband is uninterested in partnering with me on this little experiment means that the shiny treasures in the freezer may already be in a shadowy stomach of a grave come "cheat day" (there is much pain and devastation at the thought, I'll admit.) Enough! I shall go forward in bravery and clout. Therefore, my bon-bon for today will be enjoying the beauty of a goal slowly being reached, the ecstasy of feeling sublimely and physically cleansed, and... dreaming .........of how amazing.......all things forbidden will taste..................................on Saturday.

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  1. You can do it Heather! I gave up chocolate for a year and have given up sweets for a month... the first few days are the hardest. If you desire that ice cream for cheat day scoop some into a covered dish and label it so no one eats it on you. :) As always, I love the pics on your blog and your writing is inspiring. Keep up the good work.